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Care Vet & Digital Pet X-Rays: Safer, More Detailed Imaging


Care Veterinary Clinics offer advanced X-ray technology to produce more detailed images and expose the patient to minimal doses of radiation. Our modern X-ray equipment provides high-quality radiographs for use in diagnosing the source of a pet's problem. To identify the cause and extent of illness or injury in your pet, veterinary X-rays are often used. 

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography uses an electronic sensor instead of X-ray film to produce an image. This image can be viewed and stored on a computer and is easily shared online with consulting specialists. Less radiation is needed to make an image with digital radiography.

Digital radiography is excellent for monitoring the healing progress in a broken bone or after an orthopedic repair. It is most often used in our dental program, for a thorough evaluation or when we suspect a problem.

Dental X-rays

X-rays of the teeth are ordered for a complete evaluation your pet's teeth and the supporting bones. These X-rays help detect abnormalities that cannot be seen by the veterinarian.

There are several reasons why we would order a dental X-ray for your pet:

  • To identify problems such as tooth decay, damage to supporting bones, and dental injuries such as broken tooth
  • To find crowded or impacted teeth
  • To locate any abscesses, cysts, or oral tumors
  • To check on the size and formation of permanent teeth, especially in toy or small dog breeds
  • To develop a treatment plan for more complex dental concerns

Dental X-rays allow us to identify these problems early before any symptoms occur.

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