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Veterinary Surgery in Visalia Dogs & Cats

Care Veterinary Clinic and Care at the Courtyard Veterinary Clinic provide high-quality veterinary surgery for dogs and cats.

Surgical Services

Our fully appointed surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of procedures, from routine castrations and spays to more complicated surgeries such as mass removals, soft tissue surgery, and trauma repair.

Safe Pet Anesthesia

We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our senior pets or high-risk patients. Gas or inhalant anesthesia is used for most surgical procedures. With the most modern equipment, patient vital signs are monitored throughout anesthetic procedures, including ECG, blood pressure, respiration, and oxygen levels.

Pet Pain Relief

Pain medication is provided after surgery for all our surgical patients. Our in-house pharmacy provides pet owners with ample medications to take home and instructions for use. We apply added protocols to enhance comfort, including warming devices for that extra caring touch.

Veterinary Diagnostic & Imaging Services

We offer our surgical team access to comprehensive diagnostic and imaging services including:

  • Modern veterinary radiography equipment, digital X-rays, and ultrasound technology—They provide high-quality images to aid in the diagnosis of diseases and conditions and offer a current snapshot of our surgical patients prior to their procedures.
  • Veterinary diagnostic laboratory—Testing for pre-surgical patients and to assess progress post-surgery.
  • Electrocardiography—We provide ECG services on-site as well as pre-surgical consultations with board-certified cardiology specialists, using the services of IDEXX Laboratory's Cardiopet .

Spay & Neuter

We recommend spaying or neutering every pet. Typically, the procedure is performed at about 6 months of age and is safe for the animal.

Facts about Spay & Neuter Surgery

  • Neutering your pet eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and other testicular diseases. Urine marking is greatly reduced, if not eliminated completely, especially if the animal is neutered before sexual maturity.
  • A male animal's urge to wander in search of a female in heat is the single leading cause of animals being killed by vehicles. Neutered pets do not have the hormones that fuel the urge to wander, so they are far less likely to be injured by automobiles. Similarly, they are not as likely to be injured in fights with other animals.
  • Spaying an animal before her first heat cycle provides significant protection against mammary cancer. If the surgery is done after her first heat cycle, this protection is decreased. 
  • Spaying eliminates life-threatening uterine infections (pyometras), as well as uterine and ovarian cancer.
"Very caring and compassionate" – William & Grace P.
"The best care for your animals in the valley" – Michael J.
"Clinic is super clean and well organized. Staff is very professional, helpful, and friendly" – M. Crawford
"I was so impressed with the professionalism at your office. Bella and myself were treated so lovingly and caring. I felt at ease the moment I met the doctor and felt her warm care toward Bella" – K. Spears
"Excellent! Quality of care is the best" – Cherri & Randy S.