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Care at the Courtyard Veterinary Clinic Offers Avian Care for Your Pet Bird


Birds are a popular pet choice for their beautiful voices, colorful plumage, and delightful trainability. Care at the Courtyard offers avian wellness care for your feathered friends.

Housing Your Pet Bird

The aviary is the most important purchase for your bird and should be in place when you bring your new pet home. We recommend the largest cage possible for birds that are confined most of the time.

The cage must be strong, safe, and made of non-toxic material. Provide ample perch space with wide food and water bowls, and a small box for a private retreat. Cages should be designed for easy cleaning. Cage liners can be changed as they become soiled and a thorough cleaning should be done weekly.

Cage placement is important to your bird's health and safety. Locate the cage in an area where the temperature is stable, free of drafts, and with good light. Tropical birds may prefer rooms where higher humidity is common. Most important, locate the aviary near family activity. Birds are intelligent and curious, and they will enjoy the action. However, they should be placed in a quiet room of their own at night for 10-12 hours of uninterrupted rest.

Your Bird's Health Exam

We recommend pet birds have annual veterinary exams to identify their subtle symptoms of disease. Schedule an initial wellness visit the day you adopt your bird, to diagnose or prevent any conditions or diseases and to receive guidance in appropriate care.

Our beak-to-tail exam includes an assessment of the bird's weight, conformation, posture, attitude, and respiration, as well as identifying any visible abnormalities. We may perform blood tests to screen for certain diseases and a fecal exam to look for internal parasites. We may also screen for psittacosis or parrot fever, a disease that can be transmitted from birds to humans.

New information about bird care and health is continually becoming available, and we enjoy sharing that information with you at the annual visit. Feel free to contact us between visits if you have any concerns or questions about the health of your feathered friend.

Online Resources

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) offers this guide for Pet Bird Care.

For everything from choosing a bird to health care advice and products, visit the Bird Channel website.

The Association of Avian Veterinarians offers advice for basic bird care.

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